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How much is an insulin pump?

The NHS covers this cost for patients if your Healthcare Professional feels that an insulin pump is suitable for you so this is something to discuss with them. A glucose sensor needs to be worn when you switch on the CGM elements of an insulin pump if you want to use them and may also funded by the NHS. They can also be bought privately if you wish and we often have special offers for those people wanting to buy their own sensors, click here find out more.  Some hospitals are further ahead than others in the process of applying for funding agreements for sensors so this is also something that you should discuss with your Healthcare Professional if it is something that you think would benefit you.

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Can I choose the MiniMed™ 670G or 640G insulin pump system at my Hospital?

Medtronic is a very well established insulin pump manufacturer with users and healthcare professionals trained to use our insulin pumps all over the country. Some hospitals may order certain insulin pumps for their patients for a variety of reasons so this is something to discuss with your Healthcare Professional, particularly if there are certain features of the MiniMed™ 670G or 640G System that you feel suit you best. The NHS Choice agenda means that most hospitals can provide whichever insulin pump suits their patient the best.

I use an Abbott Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitor, can I use the Medtronic Insulin Pump Systems with it?

Yes you can use both systems together. As you are already used to wearing a glucose sensor with your Freestyle Libre you may well want to have the extra functions like Continuous Glucose Monitoring with SmartGuard™ though to self-adjust your insulin according to your glucose sensor readings or to help avoid hypoglycaemia that flash monitoring isn’t able to help you with. You may also not want to carry around your separate flash reader anymore – with the Medtronic Insulin Pump Systems you have the CGM reader already integrated into your insulin pump.

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