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The Animas Corporation has made the decision to discontinue the manufacture and sale of the Animas® Vibe® insulin pumps, close operations and exit the insulin pump business in the U.K. and Ireland. Whilst nothing changes for Animas patients in the immediate future, supply of infusion sets and warranty support needs to be provided by a different company or the pump changed to a different manufacturer’s pump system. Medtronic has been selected by Animas Corporation as their preferred partner to provide consumables and service to patients during the transition period.

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I am an Animas pumper. What does this mean for me?

As the preferred partner, Medtronic will support your consumables supply, customer service and warranty support once your Trust agrees. You will receive the same Animas products and support as usual, but this will be delivered by Medtronic. There is no obligation for you to change your Animas insulin pump to a Medtronic insulin pump or choose a Medtronic insulin pump when your insulin pump warranty is due to expire, you should follow your usual process for selecting your next insulin pump. You should work with your healthcare professional to decide which insulin delivery system is right for you. The number one priority for both Animas and Medtronic is ensuring that you have a seamless experience and continuity of care.

Animas is already working with your NHS Trust or Board to facilitate this transition. You should continue to order supplies and access product support using the same telephone numbers:

United Kingdom – 0800 055 6606
Republic of Ireland – 1800 812 715

Animas or your Healthcare Professional will be able to answer any queries that you have about Animas’ decision.


Keeping In Touch With You

In order to ensure that Medtronic can keep you fully informed and up to date it is important that they can contact you. They can only do this if you register, so please click here to register and receive further information.

Is Your Animas Insulin Pump Warranty Ending Soon?

As Animas insulin pumps are no longer available to choose, you won’t be able to choose another one when the warranty ends on your current pump. Please use these pages to help your decision about which next pump might suit you best.

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