Service – Medtronic Family

The MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump system comes with all of the elements that the diabetes patients thinking about using an insulin pump may need:

24 Hour Helpline

365 days a year

Online ordering and automatic re-orders

So you can manage all of your orders and future deliveries online

Training and education

bank of qualified staff around the country training patients and offering follow up support. Online training and customer support via our website.

Global Assistance

We have offices around the world for help and advice

Courier Delivery

Never miss a delivery. Our couriers can deliver your consumables to an address of your choice or any UPS Access Point™ (making deliveries truly convenient)

Global replacement service

Most pumps replaced within 6 hours in the UK and support available for holidays and travelling

Hospital visits

Our staff often go into hospitals and arrange evening sessions for patients on topics like CareLink and using the downloading software, sessions around CGM and how to get started using it, to Troubleshoot thatxs patients are having problems with. These can be just as a patient has started their pump or even when they’ve been on it a few years and just need a refresh or update of the new ways to use it.