What to Look For

Which aspects you consider and which Insulin Pump you ultimately choose will be different for every individual. When you are just starting to look at the different options it can easily become quite overwhelming, so knowing what to focus to start with can be really helpful. Use the list on the following page to narrowing down what the most important things for you to consider might be.

What to look out for in your Insulin pump

QuestionIt would be helpful to think aboutParticular things to keep in mind
Do you want to manage your Insulin Pump Discreetly?You will never be able to completely ignore your insulin pump, but some give you the option to deliver some insulin remotely without getting it out. You may also want to have your BG readings sent to it remotely from your meterRemote bolusing
Can you still use everything you need to without the remote connectivity?
Wireless linked BG meter
screen showing information at a glance
Are you worried about night time?Aspects that have been thought about to help prevent your Insulin Pump interrupting your sleepAccessories (particularly for Children)
CGM with Alerts to give you peace of mind
Are you very Active or Sporty?Most doctors will recommend that you remove all insulin pumps for contact sports. But if you are a swimmer or take part in watersports then you may want to look at Waterproof Insulin PumpsWaterproofing
Sports Accessories
Different tubing lengths
Are you looking for particular safety features for you or your child?Some of the inbuilt and particularly child friendly features of Insulin PumpsAlarms e.g. for no delivery BG reminders
Activity guard Keypad Lock
Max settings that can be adjusted Pumps doing automatic self-tests
Menu Blocks
Are you choosing between a tubed or tubeless (patch) insulin pump?The size of the footprint on your body and where you would wear the patch or infusion setPod size and wearability
Do you worry about Hypoglycaemia?Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) features that can alert you low glucose levels and even help protect against them even happening throughout the day and nightInbuilt CGM
Are things in your life going to change over the next 4 years?The NHS will only pay for a new insulin pump every 4 years, so you need as much flexibility as possible from the Insulin Pump AND its suppliesAbility to change insulin types
Ability to increase insulin doses
The range of infusion sets available
The ability to add CGM to your care if you need it
Do you need something simple and easy to Use?Think about how easy the menu is to navigate and how easy the whole system is to use (pump, meter and supplies). Also what alerts and reminders there are for everyday convenienceInbuilt Dose Advisor
Coloured screens
Reminder to change your infusion set
Reminder to bolus
Are you worried about Where you are going to wear your Insulin Pump?Where you might wear your Insulin Pump and what this might mean in terms of additional accessories or choosing different Tubing LengthsAccessories
Accessories for Night time
Accessories for Activity
Infusion Set Tubing lengths
What clips and pouches come with the Insulin Pump
Is the support that you get at home Important for you?The Training and Service and Support the Insulin Pump Manufacturer can offer youQualified training staff
24 hour telephone support
Pump replacement service
Holiday pump replacement service
Online ordering of supplies
Auto repeat ordering facilities
Courier deliveries

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What to look out for in your Insulin pump

Features and BenefitsMedtronic 640GAnimas VibeAccu-Check InsightOmnipod
Pre-programmed calculatorTickfood database TickTick
Lowest Basal rates [Units]0.0250.0250.0200.050
Basal rate increments [Units]0.0250.025*0.0100.050
Temporary Basal rateTickTickTickTick
Pre-set Temp Basal and Bolus set upsTickCrossCrossTick
Smallest bolus [Units]0.0250.0500.0500.050
Largest bolus [Units]75355030
Zero basal rateTickTickTickTick
Active Insulin/Insulin On BoardTickon screenTickTickTick
Insulin given for Carbohydrates excl from Al (active insulin)TickTickTickunknown
Extended bolusTickTickTickTick
Reservoirs3.0ml & 1.8ml2.0ml**160 units (prefilled)2.0ml
Colour screenTickTickTickTick
Keypad LockTickTickTickTick
Range of Infusion SetsTickTicklimitedCross
Separate handsetCrossCrossTickTick
Remote bolusTickvia Blood Glucose MeterCrossTickTick
Integrated Glucose MeterwirelessCrossTickTick
Manually Enter Blood Glucose ReadingTickTickCrossTick
Waterproof3.6m (24hrs)3.6m (24hrs)1.3m (1hrs) NOT Handset7.6m (1hrs) Pod NOT Handset
Integrated CGMTickTickCrossCross
Low Glucose SuspendTickCrossCrossCross
Suspend before lowTickCrossCrossCross
Trends/Rate of changeTickTickCrossCross
Online ordering of suppliesTickemail onlyTickCross
24 hour Customer CareTickTickTickTick
Holiday pump serviceTickTickCrossTick

* max basal rate is 25/units per hour.
** infusion set and cannula have to be changed every time the battery is changed.
Collated from respective manufacturer websites and user manuals.

Animas is exiting the UK and Ireland marketplace. Click here for more information or talk to your Healthcare Professional for more details.