MiniMed 640G™ System

The MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump system comes with all of the elements that diabetes patients thinking about using an insulin pump may need:

The MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump

A modern, easy to use, easy to learn pump that can be personalised for each and every patient. Packed with safety features and having convenience to fit into your life without adding any extra burden. This insulin pump offers more options for managing your Diabetes than any other. And above all else, is safe, discreet and reliable for children and babies – there are specific things that children need from their insulin pump – from wearing their insulin pumps easily during the day and night, to safety features such as keypad locks. With the MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump System parents can pre-set boluses and deliver them remotely which can be really helpful for nursery, school or at parties. The MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump System has always been fully licensed for children of all ages, and of course children and babies have things that they need from an insulin pump. From wearing their insulin pumps easily during the day and night for example, to safety features such as keypad locks.


BG Meter & Remote All-In-One

Considering your meter’s accuracy is as important when using an insulin pump which is why our system uses the Contour Next Link Meter 2.4 meter from Ascensia. This meter offers you real convenience too, with glucose readings sent over to your pump automatically to save you time. For extra discretion, you can also use it as a remote – to send boluses from this tiny meter to the pump without having to get your pump out. Unlike other wireless devices for other insulin pumps, this meter sends them by secure radio frequency, so you don’t have to worry about whether that bolus was actually delivered.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

The MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump is a sensor augmented pump (SAP) – the latest type of insulin pump that allows you to see and track your glucose 24 hours a day. By wearing a glucose sensor and sending this data to your pump, it can track your glucose levels and alert you to a high or low! Medtronic’s Enlite Glucose Sensor is extremely accurate and comfortable to wear, and it’s the smallest glucose sensor available. What makes the MiniMed™ 640G System special is the power of SmartGuard®. This is completely unique to this insulin pump and is a major step forward for insulin pump technology.

When it is switched on, the insulin pump can actually switch off insulin to prevent you going too low and switch it back on when sensor glucose levels are back in range – without you having to do anything. An insulin pump designed to prevent hypos! Glucose sensors can either be funded by the NHS or bought by yourself if you wish. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the CGM aspects of your insulin pump then you don’t need to wear the glucose sensor at all and can just use the insulin pump as a pump on its own.

‡When combined with the MiniMed 640G system and Guardian 2 Link transmitter.
Enlite Sensor Performance addendum to user guide. References available on request.


Infusion Sets & Reservoirs

Infusion sets and reservoirs are an integral part of any insulin pump system because they are the parts actually delivering your insulin. It is very important that these suit you and are designed carefully. We are proud that Medtronic offers a wide range so you can always find an infusion set that is comfortable and suits you, whether you grow, start different activities or wear your set in different places. Because things in life do change!

Unlike other insulin pumps, Medtronic uses a unique anti-leak P-Cap design to be a safer option for you. Patients who tried both MiniMed™ P-Cap and standard luer connection preferred the MiniMed™ connection three times as much. Our reservoirs are also a real benefit because you can use two different sizes in one pump and can fill them with insulin to your individual requirements. This means that you are not restricted by prefilled reservoirs which can only give you a certain amount and restrict you to a particular type of insulin which patients kind find frustrating later in their pump life.

Reviewing Software

CareLink™ downloading software is used to download information from all Medtronic insulin pumps and can really empower you in terms of self-management and not having to rely on your healthcare professional’s time. Looking at patterns over the course of a week or month can really help you to see where tweaks could help reduce your highs and lows and gain better control. CareLink™ software is web-based and free of charge, so you can access CareLink™ anywhere that you can access the internet – at home or abroad. You can send your reports to your diabetes team or open them up for discussion in the hospital at your clinic appointment.

Why Choose Medtronics

Why would I choose the MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump system?

When it comes to choosing which insulin pumps suits you is a personal decision. The MiniMed™640G insulin pump system is extremely popular for lots of reasons. Whether for it’s the BG meter with remote bolus capability, easy downloading capabilities, safety features, easy of use or how well you are supported by Medtronic. Or maybe its because the NHS has only recommended one manufacturer’s insulin pump and that’s Medtronic.

For a lot of people though it’s the Hypo Protection that the MiniMed 640G system can offer patients above any other insulin pump via its SmartGuard® technology, because this is something that no other insulin pump or CGM system can do. The great thing is that you have complete flexibility about how and when you use it, because you can switch it on and off as you need it. It is something that you need to think about because whatever pump you choose it lasts you four years.

How Medtronic look after you

Once you become one of our insulin pump patients you are very well looked after and have a whole host of people and services to help and support you, all under the MiniMed Care umbrella. We have a dedicated 24hr Product Support phone line to offer advice and technical assistance any time that you need it, even if its lunchtime on Christmas Day. Both our Pump Replacement and Travel Support services are second to none. With Medtronic, you can also order all of your supplies online and set up repeat orders – life is busy so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Medtronic Looks After You